Blustery Day

Blustery Day

It’s a dark and cloudy, windy day. The smell of cooking bacon fills the air. And All I can manage to think of is Winnie The Pooh and “Happy Windsday, Piglet.”

Wow. Pigs and bacon. There’s no connection there.

Sometimes days just feel… Like they need a little attachment from a previous time and place. I don’t get too hung up on nostalgia, but I have my moments. It’s like a long string that connects the person we are to the person we once were. It’s an interesting reminder of how far we’ve come, how much we’ve grown, how much we’ve changed. And then, in another sense, it’s something that can make us feel safe. Grounded. Protected.

The day has not been very productive, and there’s very little I feel I can do, but, it makes me think to myself how wonderful it is to have the changing and varying days and seasons. Today doesn’t have to define tomorrow. Neither does yesterday have to define today.

I love rain, it’s the rainless clouds that get to me and cast a gloom shadow over my view of reality. Though, in a small way, I’m grateful even for these. For, without them, I wouldn’t have any context to appreciate the sun, or the rain.

Life’s like that. There are hills and valleys, but without the low points, we’d have no comparison point for the highs. We wouldn’t value or treasure them as much.

Today, let’s take time to focus on the simple joys in life, even if it’s just a cold, blustery day.


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