A wonderful reminder from a friend. (I’m not sure where she got the quote from, but thought I’d share anyway.)

“Worry is like this unwanted air pump that goes around inflating & blowing up bits of your beautiful life into bloated monsters. And today? Today we’re sending worry walking because we’re walking with God. Because God’s got you & God’s got today & God’s got this week & when God’s got everything, you don’t have to worry about anything.
Either leave your worries with God — or your worries will make you leave God — and there’s nothing that’s making us leave the strength of His carrying arm, the warmth of His holding heart.”


2 thoughts on “Worry

  1. Have you ever looked into the Enneagram? It’s similar to the Myers Briggs, but a little newer, so it’s not as well known/researched. I ask because one of the types, which happens to be my type, is kind of known for worrying. Just mentioning in case you’d be interested in checking it out!


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