Autumn Rain

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There’s nothing quite so beautiful or peaceful as a walk in the autumn rain. I’ve always found the rain to be so filled with hope. Add the beauty of autumn and the cooler air, and nothing can compare to it.

I get excited for the changing seasons, yet I try to enjoy each one as it comes. Tonight was a perfect reminder of just how amazing this world is in which we live.

I’m so thankful to live in a place where I’m safe to walk outside. Where there are so many trees and colors. So many smells and amazing things to observe. I feel so blessed to be here tonight.

Many things are changing in my life. In many ways, I’m not sure what is coming next. I get so wrapped up in my own thoughts that sometimes I forget to venture outside. I need it though, it’s so refreshing.

Seasons change, but they always come back again. Sometimes a loss in life is not really a loss at all, sometimes it’s a new beginning. It is with that hope that I journey forward. I step outside myself, sit back, and take the time to just feel the rain.


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