Thankful – Day 2

Today, I am so thankful for the beautiful weather. Strong, cold wind, leaves all over the ground blowing in every direction, the smell of winter.

I also had one of those moments again today where I was fully engaged in the moment just thinking, “wow, I’m lucky to be here.” I was under a bridge collecting twigs. It was an amazing experience.

Now I have a cut with dirt in it, not entirely sure how to deal with that. I have this weird phobia of anything puncturing my skin in any way, so that doesn’t help. Thankfully it isn’t too bad though.

Now I’m home for a short break, making delicious food, and hopefully writing some. This day has been amazing so far.

LiveMy hope for you today is that you embrace everything you are and everything you have the potential to be. I guess my word for today is amazing. So go and be amazing! Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!


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