Day Four

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Ahh, day four. It’s certainly been a lucky one in terms of writing. I’ve finally figured out where exactly this story is going (well, mostly) and I’ve gotten more written today than any other day so far! I’m really excited about that!

My current wordcount is 7,210. But that is subject to change whereas I haven’t decided whether or not I’m done writing for the night.

I’m feeling really good about this project and I’m hoping that the rest of it goes as smoothly has it has so far.

Have a good night everyone!


2 thoughts on “Day Four

  1. You are ahead of me! I’m just shy of 4400 so far, but like you I have a better idea of where I’m going with it now. I don’t think I’ll manage 50K by the end of the month, but at least I’m inspired to write stories again. Hadn’t been for so long.

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    1. I’m so sorry, I just saw your comment. 4400 is pretty good! Every little bit counts! πŸ™‚ I’m hoping I’ll be able to reach 50,000, though sometimes I wonder. I’m going to keep pushing through though. I’m happy to hear that you’re inspired to write stories again, it can be so healing and rewarding. Have a good one! πŸ™‚


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