Today I am thankful for my wonderful friends and support team around me. I have been so incredibly blessed by the people God has put in my life. There have been friends who have faded out, or I’ve shut the door on, but then there have been the ones who have stayed with me through everything. They’ve been a shoulder to cry on, an army of encouragement, a place of understanding. We’ve laughed and we’ve cried. They’ve called me out when I haven’t been living to my true self, full potential, or according to who God would have me be. They’ve lovingly guided me back to the path I ought to be on. They’ve been with me through the darkest of valleys, and climbed with me to the highest of heights. For these people, I am truly grateful. They’ve been patient with me, compassionate, and understanding when I haven’t been the best friend that I could be and when I have things I’m not ready to reveal. They respect the sanctity of my mind, yet are always willing to listen and offer any help they can, whenever I am ready.


4 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Always a great reminder to be thankful for our friends. Sometimes we take for granted those things that are constant and always there. I too have been blessed with wonderful friends and I don’t know where I’d be without them. God bless!


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