Not sure who to credit
Not sure who to credit

Okay, I know I said something similar the other day, but today I am thankful for my brother. He gets me in a way no one else can and he’s always a great source of strength and support. He is filled with so much wisdom, and always makes me think of things in a way that I hadn’t quite thought of before. He helps me understand myself in a way I wouldn’t be able to otherwise, and encourages me along the right path. Our communication is something that doesn’t always require that words actually be spoken. I can say half a thought and know that he knows exactly what I mean. I can be myself with him, without having to worry about judgment or condemnation, instead I’m met with compassion and understanding.

I’m also thankful for birds chirping, the beauty of the rain, memories, and being able to express myself without having to rely on words.



2 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. That’s awesome that you have such a great relationship with your brother 🙂 There are a few people in my life who I can talk openly with, who get me, and who I really trust.


    1. Thank you! I have no idea where I’d be without him. I’m glad you have people in your life who you can be yourself with. 🙂 That is such a blessing, and often very difficult to find.


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