Image Credit Rose Hill Designs
Image Credit Rose Hill Designs

It’s so easy to give in to the opinions of others and the negativity that surrounds us. It’s easy to blame others or the situations we encounter in life for our bad attitudes. It’s easy to believe the labels that others put on us. It’s easy to fear, easy to hate, easy to become bitter and angry.

But guess what, easy is not always what’s best.

Anything wroth having is worth fighting for. There would be no fight if it were easy.

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Half the battle is within ourselves. We’re at war between the negativity that surrounds us, and that tiny voice inside that we know is the real us.

If we could learn to listen, and learn to accept ourselves, life could be so much more fulfilling.

I think that sometimes we’re just afraid of looking into ourselves. We’ve believed the lies for so long that we don’t want to have to look inside and see how dark and dirty we really are.

Although there is some truth in that, the only way to ever be cleansed is to acknowledge the darkness within us. That doesn’t mean that we have to fabricate it, or agree that what lies beneath the surface is what other people tell us.

Sometimes the opinions of others can cloud our judgment and make us see things in ourselves that aren’t really there, or overlook things that are.

It’s sad to me. I’ve been guilty of it. But I’m learning. I hope you can too.

If we look within, often, we’ll find that the voice that limits us is not our own. Yet we’ve been treating it like it is.

No matter what anyone else has told you, no matter what you’ve done in life, no matter how many mistakes you feel you may have made, you deserve to be happy.

You have the power to rise above those negative thoughts and opinions, even if they’ve become your own. It’s a battle, one that’s worth winning, that’s worth fighting for.


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