If You Were An Animal

Here’s a little fun for  your Saturday.

I asked my husband the other day if I were an animal, which one I would be. He paused for a moment, as it is a question he’s never been able to answer before, and then answered decidedly that temperamentally, I’d be a cat.

I proceeded to ask why. His response was priceless: “You just kind of do your own thing and leave everyone wondering what could possibly be going through your mind.”

Okay, I can live with that.

He continued with, “You’re stubborn, and it doesn’t matter what people say, you just calmly go about whatever you were doing.”

So there you have it, everyone. I’m a cat.

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Image Credit

Which animal would you be and why? You can make it more fun and ask someone close to you what they think you’d be. I’d love to hear your (or their) answers in the comments!


2 thoughts on “If You Were An Animal

  1. I tried asking my kids what kind of animal I am and I only got silly responses my daughter said I’m a lion because I’m “mean” and my son said I’m a bear because I like to sleep. Mind you my son might be more right than he realises … I like to sleep, I’m a very solitary creature – I’m somewhat protective over my offspring. I also have a very keen sense of smell. I’m generally very calm and easygoing, but if someone makes me angry they’d better look out!

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    1. Aww… Your kids are so cute! Haha, they come up with the best things. 🙂 That is a wonderful description! It sounds like you have a pretty good balance. You’re laid back yet know when something’s important enough to stand up for. They’re lucky to have you for a mom.

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