Cleaning Up

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I am thankful for the ability to clean my house. I’m not kidding, I really am. So much goes into cleaning that is such a blessing. I’m thankful for the strength in my body to be able to keep up with it, for legs and arms, hands and feet, to walk and to grasp. I’m thankful to be able to see, to bend down to pick things up, to live in a place where I have the ability to sweep or vacuum my floor. So many people don’t have those things. There are so many people without a home to clean, or who live in a place that is so dirty that they could never get all the dirt off their floor because dirt IS their floor. I’m thankful for all the things I have that render it necessary to clean. After all, if I had nothing, there would be nothing to clean.

There are probably more things and more reasons than this. But today, I am truly grateful to be able to clean.


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