Day 19

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So it’s day 19. Day 19 of what, you might ask. NaNoWriMo, and November in general. I’m really feeling like that 19 up there, boxed in. Suffocating.

I’ve really lost my motivation to work on this story. I’m at almost 29,000 words and I still feel no real connection to it. That connection is so extremely important to me when it comes to writing. I feel as though it might do well as a short story, but it’s just dragging on for far too long.

I don’t know. I might keep working on it.

I hate the idea of just giving up when I’ve already come this far. I mean… I could just push through until the end of November, right?

But I know that I won’t be producing any form of quality work if I push through. I don’t know, I’m so torn right now.

Anyway, on a more positive note.

Today, since I didn’t do this earlier, I am thankful for the new community I’ve found. It is a wonderful group of people who encourage and uplift each other. And it is truly amazing to participate in and observe.


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