Not sure who to credit
Not sure who to credit

Today I am thankful for all the possibilities. That we don’t have to be defined by our pasts, and that the future could be brighter than we’ve ever imagined.

It’s so easy sometimes to get wrapped up in the present moment and our own interpretation of the future. It’s so easy to lose sight of all the goodness that’s ahead, when we’re always looking down.

In reality, the possibilities are endless, we just need to start walking. If we stay in one place because it feels safe or comfortable, then we’re never allowing ourselves to explore the full potential that we have within us, or that God has planned for us.

Sometimes I think we sit back waiting for God to step in and lead us, but in that process we’re unwilling to move. We have to be willing to take that first step. We have to start walking. We have to start moving. When we do that, God will lead us into a future that we couldn’t have ever imagined. One so bright and magnificent. That’s a truly amazing idea, one that I can’t even fully wrap my mind around.

So today, I’m thankful for those possibilities, that it’s not over yet.


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