Thought of the Day: Hypocrisy

The Midnight Station


To me, there is much more to a hypocrite than someone who constantly acts in ways they condemn in others. A part of being a hypocrite is someone who believes that they are above protocol, convention and rules, and most of all, above other people. They think too highly of themselves to subject themselves to the same principles as others. At the same time, a hypocrite is someone who criticises other people to lift themselves up. They enjoy pointing out any flaws in another, regardless of their own flaws, so that they feel better about themselves. Being hypocritical does no favours for anyone: it only stirs negativity in oneself and casts negativity onto others. To be a hypocrite is to live in solitary, pessimism, inadequacy and insincerity. Try to compliment people on their strengths instead of their weaknesses. Try to think before you act and act the way you think. Try to…

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