Complimenting and Insulting

The Midnight Station

Compliment mark twain

Sadly, for many of us, we often remember an insult more vividly than a compliment. When we are complimented and insulted, our body produces two different hormones, the hormone produced through an insult lasting much longer than the hormone generated after a compliment. But compliments and insults extend much further than bodily reactions. As much as we should value our own opinions about our ways of life and work most, we rely on others around us. When we are complimented, we feel empowered, encouraged, and motivated. We feel worthy, confident and validated. We feel like we can achieve more and be more. When we are insulted, we feel doubtful, insecure, and fearful. We isolate ourselves from opportunities and possibilities. We stop trying. We can no longer see anything good in ourselves, how ever small the insult. And an insult is the one that we will always remember the most. We need…

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2 thoughts on “Complimenting and Insulting

  1. This is so true — both the post about how deeply insults affect us and the quote about living on a good compliment. I once had someone tell me “Your hair is amazing,” and for months I felt energized every time I looked in a mirror. It was awesome

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