Music Fills A Void

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It’s dark and gloomy. Piano Man plays through my head and brings me back to times past, to a talented young man who would play that song, along with dozens of others. A group would cluster around the piano and we’d all lift our voices together, as one.


That’s what the music would bring, unity. Perhaps that’s something the songwriters of an older generation recognized, but now, somehow, I feel a separation.

Isolation comes in many different forms for many different reasons. There are times it’s filled with peace and solitude, and times it’s filled with loneliness or fear.

I don’t have all the answers, there are some things I will never know.

I’m on a journey ever forward, but every now and then a song will arise and strike a chord in my heart; evoking certain thoughts, feelings, and memories from a time in my distant past.

“It’s sad and it’s sweet and I knew it complete.”


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