Problems (Part 2?)


I think we all know a few people who could benefit from the above. I know I certainly do! It’s so easy to sit back and point the finger at everyone else, yet so difficult to look at ourselves to see where we may be making the very same mistakes.

I’d like to think that I’m a positive person, but I’m not so sure that I am. I have my moments, sure. I don’t complain as much as some others, but I sure do complain a lot sometimes.

I justify it because sometimes certain things build up so much that I just need to vent to get the poison out. But what if, in doing so, I’m actually letting the poison in? Keeping it circulating throughout my life.

Then there’s the comparison trap. I don’t want to compare myself to others, judging my worth and status, backing it up against how much better I am than others. How terrible is that!?

I want to judge my abilities by my potential. According to how well I’m being the best person I can be, not according to how much better I am.

Storms are going to come in life, but we choose how we guard ourselves against them.

I don’t know about you, but I choose to rise above and surf.

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