Problems And Thoughts

Sky And TreesMy husband and I went for a walk again today, something we do quite often. The air has been cooling down lately. Temperatures have dropped, just like all the leaves that had run away in the fall.

Even in the cold, I’m amazed by the piercing blue of the sky beyond the barren trees. I loved how the white rose up, and turned to blue. Hope beyond the brambles.

Life can seem like such a tangled mess sometimes. A tangled, beautiful web. (Okay, I’ll admit that the web isn’t always quite so beautiful.) But sometimes, we focus too heavily on all of the tangles in front of us, that we fail to see the brightness of a new day beyond.

I hate to quote Frozen, but hey, it’s fitting. “It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small.”

That’s something I’ve really come to realize in recent months. It’s also something that I’m trying to come to terms with. There are some larger tangled webs that I still feel caught up in, I’m not sure how to let them go. I still have fears that control me, I have not yet escaped their grasp.

Looking at the big picture, these things and people that I allow to control me really have no profound impact on me or my life, unless I allow them to. I’ve allowed them to for so long.

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There are ups and downs in life, sure, but maybe my problem isn’t that I’ve had problems, maybe my problem is that I’ve been focused on my problems.

There are so many times that I feel the fear. Even in dreams, it can haunt me and it’s so real. Maybe all I need to do is open my eyes and see, there is more to this life than the tangled web. There is more than these illusions I’ve been taught to believe for the sake of someone else’s own selfish desire. I’m crawling out of the web of distortions and lies.

As the distance grows, the calm creeps in. Slowly at first, but I know that eventually the peace is all that I will feel. Like a rushing stream, pouring over me. The love will come and fill a void that I’ve sought for so long to be filled.

I know there is hope beyond the brambles. Sometimes I’m just too blind to see it. Even still, I still have faith that it is there.


2 thoughts on “Problems And Thoughts

  1. “… maybe my problem isn’t that I’ve had problems, maybe my problem is that I’ve been focused on my problems.” I love this! Wonderfully written! It sounds like you are on such a good path. I reminded me of this story about the wolf of the good (peace, calm, love, joy) and the wolf of the bad (fear, hatred, negativity, bitterness). The moral is something along the lines of: whichever wolf you feed, that’s the one who will live. I am only just learning that it’s actually possible to lift yourself above the unpleasant feelings you are having, all the while accepting them but nevertheless disassociating from them, deciding to feed feed the wolf of the good instead of actively giving in to the wolf of the bad. Do I make sense? I don’t know but I felt that that’s what you’re perhaps experiencing 🙂 Anyways, heads up!


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