Jar Of Positivity

PositivityAt the start of 2015, I’m planning on keeping a painted jar to be filled with blessings and inspirational happenings, quotes, etc. throughout the year.

I’ve done this sort of thing before, reading the little slips of paper at the end of the year to remember all the good that happened, and it was very inspiring and encouraging. (Also if having a really hard day, it can add a little joy to reach in and grab a random piece of positivity and be encouraged by it.)

Dates included. That way I’ll have a nice little timeline put together. (I do journal off and on, so that’s always good for reference too, but this is meant to be a quick thing that I can do even with limited time.)

As I start this project, I start with adding this quote by Seth Godin, which I originally saw here. (It’s a wonderful post, by the way, why don’t you take a moment to read it, I’ll be here when you’re done.)

“Perfect doesn’t mean flawless. Perfect means it does exactly what I need it to do.”

So in this project, I’m going to try not to put the pressure on myself to be perfect, but only to continue being positive, after all, that’s the whole purpose in the jar anyway.

Do you have anything like the jar of positivity or some other way to keep track of the positive happenings in your life? Have you ever done something like this before? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.


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