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I decided to do the foolish and unproductive thing earlier today, I decided to check Facebook. My newsfeed was overflowing with posts about coffee.

International coffee day or something? I’m not saying it is, I’m asking, because although I have a few coffee obsessed friends, they don’t normally post about it THAT much.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the stuff. I know half of you are probably about to kill me right now, but really, I don’t get the appeal.

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Now, I will concede that it does sometimes SMELL good. But that’s an entirely different matter. When I was a kid, I loved walking down the coffee aisle in the grocery store; all those clear containers filled with the dark beans drifting their aroma throughout the aisle. It got to be a bit much if, for some reason, we stayed in the aisle for more than a quick pass, through.

You have to admit, they're pretty adorable.
You have to admit, they’re pretty adorable.

Brewed coffee, on the other hand–now that is a smell that I very seldom enjoy. I’ve found that a majority have a lovely skunky smell, like someone who had been attacked by a vicious mob of the little monsters. That, however, is not my idea of a good time, or a thought that I particularly want to dwell on.

I don’t know, maybe it would make a good children’s story. I think I’ll work on that, actually.

I really don’t know what the point of this post is. I suppose I just found it odd that so many people were talking about their coffee today. Maybe it’s just a coffee kind of day.

Whatever kind of day it is for you, I hope it’s wonderful! It’s Christmas Eve Eve!


6 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. I have not seen anything about coffee today online except your post, which means I will probably see coffee everywhere all day 🙂 I love the smell and I love the taste, but I know not everyone does and that is fine with me. Maybe it is fine to post without a point. Not easy for the INFJ though cause we are so self-critical.

    I do like the children’s story idea!

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