The Woman With the Perfume

See, there's this thing called biology...

perfumeThe story of the woman with the perfume, the anointing of Jesus, is to be found in all four gospels, Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 7, John 12. The story varies slightly depending on who is doing the telling, but the essence of that message remains the same. The depth of meaning in those few short paragraphs, the lessons to be learned there, never cease to amaze me. It is a profound teaching and one that must have made a powerful impression on the disciples.

It’s a lovely tale about a woman who takes the finest perfume, very expensive stuff, and pours it on the feet of Jesus and wipes it with her hair. It’s a very submissive act, a gentle thing, a sign of great admiration and love, and perhaps longing and regret and grief. Jesus is not going to be with them much longer. Does she know this?…

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