Dance Like No One’s Watching


I thought the above was a funny reminder of an important, real-life issue.

I feel so self-conscious to just be myself sometimes. In a way, it’s actually pretty self-absorbed to think that people notice, or would even care. I don’t mean this in a depressing way, just in a more realistic one.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives, thinking that we’re more important than we are. And that somehow, everyone’s going to notice if we mess up.

So we live our lives in fear. Fear of what others might think, fear of being caught, fear of being seen.

We’ve gotten so used to the masks that we’re afraid to let anyone see underneath, but we also have to remember that, even though we’re self-conscious and afraid, no one else will really notice that much.

So let’s be our most genuine, authentic selves, and dance like no one’s watching. Because hey, they aren’t. And even if they are, does it really matter that much?


2 thoughts on “Dance Like No One’s Watching

  1. Even if people notice they forget too, and so do we. Over the years I have faced some pretty tough times and I cared too much about what other people think. I began to realise though, that when I look back later they are not nearly as big as I felt they were at the time. Now, when facing something that feels overwhelming I ask myself how it will feel in 6 months time when I look back. If the answer is ‘long forgotten’ or ‘just a blip on the radar’ then I start thinking of it that way now, I give myself permission to let go. It is such a relief.


    1. Thank you so much for that very important insight and reminder. It can be such a difficult thing to let it go in the moment, but that is a wonderful method for handling those difficult situations. Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a wonderful day!


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