On Hair

So… I washed my hair with olive oil. I was going through a really rough time not too long ago, and, in a moment of pure Se, I cut my hair. Chopped it all off. It was so absolutely liberating and freeing.

I liked the shorter look for awhile; however, it didn’t take long for me to miss my long hair.

olive oilI know you can’t believe everything you see online, but I tried it anyway. I let my hair soak in olive oil for half an hour before washing because, supposedly, it was healthy and would help hair grow.

I’ve only done it once; not sure if I’ll do it again since it made me look like I hadn’t showered in months. But it felt so good! I love the feeling of my hair being brushed, anyway, it was even more relaxing adding olive oil to the mix.

Have you tried any weird haircare experiments?


4 thoughts on “On Hair

  1. I’ve done the same thing with coconut oil. It made my hair looks super greasy, but left it so soft after I washed it out. I still use coconut oil on the tips of my hair because they tend to dry out faster, I love the smell of it when its in my hair 🙂

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