The Things We Do

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I’m truly learning the importance of the daily things. Even if it’s a slow and steady drip, that bucket will be filled. Think of it this way, it only happens one tiny drop at a time anyway, so even though it may seem like a waste of time when you don’t see immediate results, have faith that the end result will be worth it and all those baby steps matter. It’ll still get you farther, faster, to daily place a drop in the bucket than it would to just place one every so often.

It’s like saving pennies. (Yes, I’m  kind of running this into the ground…) If you save 1 penny a day, at the end of the year you’ll end up with $3.65. If you save just one a week, then only 52 cents. And even worse, once a month gets you only 12 cents! $3.65 may not be much, but it’s better than 12 cents, at least there are still some things you can buy with it. Like a banana, you could buy a banana. Actually, you could buy a little more than just one.

I’m really learning how important that small daily investment is. It started with a morning routine, which has been fantastic for me. Then some other things followed. It’s interesting how that works, one area gets a little more organized, others follow, and it all runs more smoothly.

I’m taking steps toward living to my full potential and being as productive as possible. It may take awhile, but every step is a small victory.


5 thoughts on “The Things We Do

  1. I love this post. Its so true that making a small daily investment is the best way to do things. Its easier to motivate myself to do something small everyday and its a less intimidating prospect. Thanks for sharing such an important point.

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