Today in church something clicked with me. In every single one of the worship songs, trust was mentioned. I struggle with trust a lot. I like to do things my own way in my own time, and I don’t like when I can’t. But sometimes life doesn’t go the way I planned.

I so often will use life’s downs to stop trusting God. When really, that’s the absolute last thing that makes any sense.

Then the words, “even if this life I lose, I will follow You.”

There’s more meaning there. It’s not just about this life in terms of death, it’s about the things in the life that we have, had, (has, had), or the things that we thought we would have. Maybe things we were planning on and counting on. Whether it’s people, accomplishments, or other things in life.

I think it’s harder to live for something than to die for it. Death is easy, life is hard. Sometimes that means that we continue to live and press onward, even when there are trials, knowing that we’ll come out better for it.

We can’t predict it, but God already knows and sees it all. His perspective is so much better than ours, so even if we can’t understand it right now, we need to trust Him that He still has a plan for us.

I’ve fallen into that trap far too many times when life hasn’t gone my way, and I really needed those simple words today.

“Even if this life I lose… even through the tears, the pain, the battles, the things I lose (or perceive to lose) in this life… I will follow You.”

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11 thoughts on “Trust

  1. I struggle with trust too. I am a very strong willed person however I realise that being a Christian is a process and God only wants to help. We are just required to report for duty when we pray 🙂

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