Change And Fear

It’s amazing how fast the weather can change. It’s amazing how fast seasons can change, life can change.

Do we fear change, or do we embrace it?

I commonly do a bit of both. There are times that I’m excited for what the change might bring, yet uncertain of the results. There have been times there’s been nothing but excitement, besides that twinge of fear over what I’m leaving behind. There are times that I’m fearful of what may come, but anticipating the new possibilities.

Every little thing that we do has the potential to be a catalyst for change. Everything. Even if it’s whether or not to make the bed in the morning. If we would look around and see the possibilities all around us, maybe the fear would lessen. Or maybe, it would intensify, because suddenly everything we do has long term impact.

I’m a forward thinker. I’m so intensely focused on the future that it’s hard for me to notice the present, aside from that bit of fear that creeps in over what I’m currently doing.

Fear can serve as a warning and in those moments it’s foolish not to heed its voice, but if I listened to every bit of fear that entered my mind, there would be nothing left of me.

“There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” And oh how crippling that fear of fear can be.

I’ve noticed myself being caught up in it lately, in that perpetual cycle of fearing fear, which causes more fear of the fear, and so on. That’s hardly beneficial. Of course, in the throes of fear, one doesn’t entirely stop to think about whether or not the fear is justified, instead it’s easy to just feel it. Sometimes, when we really, truly, genuinely feel that fear, it slowly fades into a subtle peace and motivation.

Fear can work for us or against us, sometimes we forget that the power is under our control.

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So which stories are we telling ourselves today?


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