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I got a new journal the other day, and it’s amazing to me how fast I’m wanting to fill it. It’s like a whole new world has been opened up before me on the blank pages.

I had forgotten how good it feels to have an actual journal dedicated to my thoughts and events in my life. For awhile now, I’ve just been using a notebook or even typing on the computer. It isn’t quite the same.

I love the feel when the pen touches the page. The only thing about it is that my thoughts go faster than I can keep up with.

I suppose I’ve been in a very contemplative place lately. There are so many thoughts and realizations, though I’m never entirely sure how to put them all into words. I think having an actual journal is beginning to help with that.

How about you, do you journal? If so, do you notice a difference depending upon where you’re writing? I’d love to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “Journal

  1. Definitely, PearlGirl … a long-time journaling ‘habit’. And I agree wholeheartedly with you … having a lovely blank book with nice quality paper and pens that feel good and write well (all things that are personal to us, depending on our preferences) makes a big difference. Enjoy the journaling! Blessings, Jamie


  2. I’ve been journaling for years now. I find that it really helps when I’m not sure about what my emotions are doing or I want to organize my thoughts. I always journal right before I go to sleep because it helps to take a load off my mind so I can actually rest. I agree- there’s definitely something magical about a brand new, empty journal! P.S- I’m an INFJ too!


    1. Aww… I love meeting other INFJs. Hi! πŸ™‚ Thank you for stopping by and sharing. Journaling right before bed is such a good idea! I’ll have to think about trying that. It’s amazing how much clarity writing our thoughts down can give. Have a wonderful night! πŸ™‚


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