Trusting God

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I struggle with trust. Trusting God, trusting others, trusting myself… It’s occurred to me recently just how important, critical, trusting God is.

We can’t live without trust, and yet it is one of the most difficult things to master. I think I’m going to write a three part post on this topic. Today I’m going to talk about trusting God.

I was reading the other night, and the verse really stood out to me that God is our shield. I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I have a hard time trusting God is because it feels so… Unsafe. I feel completely vulnerable, and at the mercy of others. That’s not how God intended it.

The realization that God is our shield was so incredibly powerful for me. It began to break down my walls. A shield is something that stands strong and protects.

There is a key though, it doesn’t just happen out of nowhere, it comes from us trusting in Him. If we’re not trusting, then we are susceptible to that weakness and vulnerability in the face of  danger. If we trust, then we are kept perfectly safe and protected.

I’d been holding on to my fear and my walls, hanging on to a semblance of control, because I needed to feel that I was protected. Those walls, that fear, they were my perceived shield.

I realized that by trying to be in control and allowing my fear to be my shield, I was only harming myself even more. What could possibly harm me if my shield is God?

I’m slowly learning to release control and trust Him. I am held safe in His arms, though that brought little comfort to me in the past. I am guarded and protected by God, my shield.


2 thoughts on “Trusting God

  1. I LOVE the message here. I feel much the same way as you do, in the sense that when I’m trying to trust God I feel really vulnerable to the traps of the world. I think that one of the only ways to really trust in God fully is to pray that He would help us to trust Him, if that makes any sense at all!

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    1. It completely makes sense! And in a way, prayer is an act of trusting Him. We’re believing that He’s there and hears us, and that He will give us the strength we need.


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