On Improvement

Lately I’ve been trying to take steps toward being the best me I can be. I don’t mean this in a narcissistic way, I mean it in the sense that I want to live to my full potential.

I have many small habits I’m trying to stop. An example would be that I’m an impatient person, so instead of snapping at those I love, I would rather be aware of myself enough to know that the habit of impatience does not define me and I do not need to give in to that urge. It will pass.

Then I have others I’m beginning to really grasp on to. Examples are having both morning and nightly routines.

I can’t pretend to be perfect (I’m very far from it), but I’m learning what a big difference those small changes can make. I’m also learning to stop judging myself for every little thing I do wrong, and instead focus on how I can do better next time.

Image Found On Facebook

This life is always moving forward. We don’t have any control over that. Time will always be slipping through our fingers, but what we can control is what we do with it in that moment that we hold it in our hands.


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