Night Alone

My husband’s out for the evening. I had forgotten about it until this morning when he mentioned it. Sometimes I’m so bad keeping track of things.

Anyway, I decided to use it as an excuse for a nice evening in on my own. I turned on some piano music, made a cake (which I will frost soon), and made chicken parm for dinner.

I feel kind of bad because I got a little excited when he first reminded me that he’d be away. It’s not that I don’t like spending time with him, it’s just that sometimes having the night to myself can be nice.

It’s been very relaxing so far.

What are you up to this evening?


6 thoughts on “Night Alone

  1. My mom is sometimes like that as well. I guess when I decide to marry, I’ll have to prepared for that feeling that when I’m gone, my wife is partying. Hopefully not…but who knows, I might be partying as well. 🙂

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    1. Haha, well, I was partying alone. It’s nothing personal, I just enjoy my alone time sometimes too. 🙂 I think the important thing is to have open and honest communication about it, and it all works out. 🙂


  2. LOL, I love that. It’s okay to be excited to have a little alone time. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty too, but ah, the freedom of having the whole place to yourself. Sometimes when my husband is gone, I hog the whole bed, his side too. Then I take his pillow, prop myself up, and eat cookies. 😉

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    1. That’s great! 🙂 He’s had times where he’s gone for a few nights, and it’s great to have the whole bed. But I’d miss him if he were gone for too long. Thanks for the reassurance. 🙂

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