Those Moments We Let Go

Pray Let GodI’m realizing just how tightly I’m holding on to certain areas in my life. I keep praying for answers, and yet, I’m not willing to fully surrender those areas to God. I want Him to do it my way, in my time, or I don’t want to accept the answer.

How absolutely prideful is that! I think when things matter most to us, that’s when it’s the hardest to let go. But we need to just the same, or even more.

Be StillGod wants what’s best for us, even if we don’t see it as best at the time.

I’m slowly learning (trying) to let go and let God work in these certain areas in my life. It isn’t as easy as I wish it was, but maybe that’s the point.

If everything was easy, and we never had to struggle, then we couldn’t experience the joy and freedom that comes when we finally break free.

I’m learning to be still. Though even that is a struggle.

Inner Peace
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I consciously know these things, but knowing it in my head and in my heart are two different things. Sometimes I wish I was more patient, but I’m working on that too. If only I was more patient then maybe it wouldn’t be such a struggle.

Anything worth having is worth fighting for, and worth waiting for. But maybe it’s also about letting go. Maybe we need to learn to let go before we can truly have. Sometimes we just need to have hearts that are willing.

That leaves me with a question: When my mind is a tangled mess of thoughts, what is the state of my heart?

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