Eeyore’s Wisdom

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Another cloudy, dreary day today.

Sometimes I feel like Eeyore, I just want to be left alone.

Sometimes I get incredibly happy when plans are cancelled, that way I just get to spend the day alone and I have extra free time to just write, or do whatever I feel like.

I always felt bad for Eeyore, being sad and depressed all the time. But when I really think of it, he had it quite good. He had friends who loved him in spite of his depression. They didn’t ask him to change or “get over it,” they just loved him as he was.

I’ve been lucky enough to find some people like that in my life, but there are so many who aren’t. If you’re one of those people, I’m here for you. I’ll accept you flaws and all. We all have them, and if we’re really honest with ourselves, those can be some of the most beautiful things. But maybe the things we perceive as flaws aren’t really flaws at all.

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Sometimes we’re left alone in the rain, searching for something, but we don’t know what. The rain is a beautiful thing.

In those quiet moments of solitude, we find ourselves. And we find God.

Look, there was a door all along, but sometimes we’re sitting on it. What would happen if we got up and took a look at our situation from a new angle? Sometimes nothing changes, but sometimes it does.

I don’t entirely know what I’m trying to say here, but maybe I don’t need to. I’m trying to not be such a perfectionist all the time. I’m trying to just write, see where it goes, and leave it at that.

There have been so many times I haven’t hit publish, but I think this time I will.

The thing about Eeyore is that he didn’t hide who he was. He was honest about it. Always honest, always real. If we don’t allow anyone to see us for who they are, how can they love us? They only love our mask.

Maybe that’s why Eeyore had such faithful friends, maybe he knew the truth that so few of us fully realize, let alone embrace. He knew that being himself, openly and honestly, was the only way to know the love of a friend.


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