I look around and see so many people filled with anger. They are hardened to a joy that they could have the freedom to know, but still they persist in their hate.

Love doesn’t look the way people today say it does. But love does come in a gentle word, or in a smile shared between strangers.

I’ve realized that the bitterness is easy to seep in. If we don’t, we have to feel pain. Which is stronger, really? The person who becomes hardened to the world, or those that still allow love to be in their words?

It takes strength to feel. Strength to fight the impulse to recoil at the world. And so many are busy “being strong” by creating a shell, hiding, because they’re too afraid to face the pain.

We’re all broken in one way or another, we need a love to restore the softness of our hearts, to open our eyes to the truth that has always been there waiting.

I found hope today on a yellow bag. There is still a glimmer of light in this cold, dull world. Maybe, if enough of us shine, maybe the ice will be broken, and love will fill our hearts again.


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