The Difference Of A Pen

There’s something about having an actual page, rather than just a screen and a blinking line, waiting for the next words to appear. One letter at a time, they all start the same, but something about the full motion of a pen, it’s freeing.

This past week instead of typing my book, I decided to write it on paper. It made such a difference! I probably do about half my writing on the computer, and half on paper, so I know that I typically like writing on paper better. But I was still surprised at how much better I was able to connect with the story.

I have new insights into characters, their thoughts, their motives. It’s really exciting to see it finally coming together. Of course, now I’m going to have to go back and transfer everything I’ve written onto the computer, but that’s an opportunity for new changes as well.

I’ve been very strict about my book this time around, I haven’t allowed myself to go back and reread or correct anything I’ve added on previous days. That is such a difficult restriction for me, I just want to go and fix everything. I’ve done that before, and the results are… Less than ideal.

So, when I started a revision, I determined to try something new and I feel a lot better about it. The characters are more complete and consistent, and it’s great to see where they take the story.

I love the moments when characters write themselves. They sometimes do things that are so incredibly fitting, yet I never would have consciously thought to make them do.

Anyway, that’s where my mind’s at right now. Along with a million other places I don’t have the energy to sort through right now. I hope you all are having a wonderful night!


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