Time And Positivity

Time seems to be going by really quickly lately. Not sure why… I’ve been less productive in my free time too… Maybe that has something to do with it. One day blurs into another and they all look the same.

Maybe that’s the point in life, to find the beauty and the differences in each and every day. They have to be there, they must me.

Quite some time ago I had mentioned my jar of positivity. I haven’t kept up with it every day, though I write things down every now and then, remembering dates when I can.

The Domino effect from one tidbit of positivity is incredible. I write one little thing down, and my mind is flooded with others to add. It’s quite the uplifting experience.

Time moves by so fast, yet there are so many things I’m waiting for. I’m realizing that rushing the time by only leaves me with less time. If I want things to happen, I have to allow them to happen, not just passively sit back and wait.

Patience. I’m learning to accept the still and quite, waiting for whatever is to be.


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