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Iā€™m very picky with whom I give my energy to. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity.
-Dau Voire

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Writing Cap

Writing Cap
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I seem to have a writing cap. I can fairly easily reach about 30,000 words, beyond that I tend to lose momentum. Just off the top of my head I can think of over 20 different stories I’m “in the process of writing.”

Only one of them has gone far beyond the 30,000 word mark. A few have gone slightly above, but not by much. Does that mean that maybe I should just shorten them?

I’ve thought about combining some into a collection of short stories. That should be fairly easy from this point, I just need to throw in a few missing parts, do a bit of editing, and then they should be good. But then there’s the sequencing and deciding which ones should be included and which ones should not.

I have so many projects that I never finish and never follow through with. I’m not sure why that is exactly. It’s not that I completely lose interest. If I go back and read notes, or even little clips from things I’ve written I get excited about them again. That’s where I am today.

I’m really excited about a few different writing projects that I really want to complete. I’m going to work on them some if I can, but I think maybe I need to be a little better with my planning and time management.

I have such a wide collection of ideas, but sometimes I want to put them together and have something real. I feel like it’s hard to make someone else believe in something without having something to show for it. I do, however, have a few who work in the realm of ideas and I love those personal conversations about each of our individual projects.

Well, time to go try to break some of those limits!

Do any of you seem to have a writing limit? If so, do you have any tips to overcome it?

The Love Of A Friend

Today has been such a wonderful day. I’ve had so many encouraging and important reminders.

It’s amazing what the love of a friend can do. I’m so thankful for people who truly, genuinely care. People who will tell me the truth, even when I’m afraid to hear it. People who patiently bear with me through this thing we call life. And that is the very definition of what it means to love a brother or sister in Christ.

Loving someone isn’t about supporting every decision, but loving through the mistakes, through the ups and downs. That makes the love so much deeper. We don’t have to be perfect people in order to be loved, but rather, the love runs so deep that it continues to love in spite of flaws and weaknesses.

Anyone could love a perfect person, it takes strength and a true love from above to love a broken and imperfect person. How often do we share and show that love?

There’s such safety knowing that we are never abandoned. Some people shine the love of Christ everywhere they go. I want to be like that. Some relationships are a testament to how much our Father in heaven loves us. I want my relationships to reflect that love.

The sun shines today, and I am eternally grateful. Now I wonder how many times I’ve faltered through the storms.

Just as loving a perfect person is easy, loving the real can be hard, so also trusting in the good times is easy, through the difficult times is, well, difficult.

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I’ve been reminded today to trust. Far too often I put my faith in my own ability to fail rather in God’s ability to forgive. That’s pride in a completely different way.

I’m not saying that life is perfect, there are so many things I’m afraid of, but what I am saying is that there is hope.

It is never too late. God is waiting for us to turn our hearts to Him, and in those moments, He will fill us with His peace and His love. I have faith in that today. I hope and pray that you will know that peace and hope as well. I wish I could share it with everyone, but I am determined to share it with everyone I can.

Fear And Ignorance

Fear And Ignorance

I saw the above quote earlier this morning. I do not know who originally said it, but it really got me thinking. How very true it is. And yet, it isn’t. But it is.

We try so hard to avoid things that scare us, and we run so far from understanding in the process.

Lately I’ve really been realizing a lot about myself. I’ve been running from myself for far too long. I won’t allow myself to face what I feel because what I feel is to painful to acknowledge. I’ve been running from the truth, and I hate myself for it.

I value truth, understanding, and self-awareness pretty highly. I also very much hate hypocrisy. And yet, I’m doing the very thing I hate. How can I say to someone else that facing their inner demons is the best course for truth when I myself run away from mine?

They ways in which I potentially disagree with this statement is in the area of abuse. There’s nothing ignorant about realizing the damage that’s being done, the alternative is denial. That denial is running away, fear, a lack of acknowledgement.

However, must we fear it? I don’t always want to have to run away and hide, I want to stand and fight. I suppose wisdom is knowing when each course of action is best.

We need to have enough self-respect to walk away when needed, the challenge is walking away with our heads held high, rather than cowering and running in fear.

Fear is so easy sometimes. But I suppose, even when it comes to abuse, we ought not to be ignorant and fearful, but rather, carefully acknowledge every facet of the situation, then walk away knowing that we are not the ones to blame. Knowing that we are made for more, that we are the survivors, that we can overcome. Because we understand we can walk away with courage and confidence.

We walk away without fear, because we know that the problem is not us. The problem might not even be them, it’s sin in them, a nature that still resides in us. That does not excuse the problem though, it just gives way to understanding. But that’s a different post for a different time.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!

Your Kind Heart

Kind HeartDon’t allow a cruel world to harden or break your kind heart. Your value is far beyond words. The cruelness only proves an even more desperate need and longing for all you are and all you hope to be.

Don’t give up. Never lose hope. The sun is always shining somewhere, even when clouds, or night, try to conceal it.