Fear And Ignorance

Fear And Ignorance

I saw the above quote earlier this morning. I do not know who originally said it, but it really got me thinking. How very true it is. And yet, it isn’t. But it is.

We try so hard to avoid things that scare us, and we run so far from understanding in the process.

Lately I’ve really been realizing a lot about myself. I’ve been running from myself for far too long. I won’t allow myself to face what I feel because what I feel is to painful to acknowledge. I’ve been running from the truth, and I hate myself for it.

I value truth, understanding, and self-awareness pretty highly. I also very much hate hypocrisy. And yet, I’m doing the very thing I hate. How can I say to someone else that facing their inner demons is the best course for truth when I myself run away from mine?

They ways in which I potentially disagree with this statement is in the area of abuse. There’s nothing ignorant about realizing the damage that’s being done, the alternative is denial. That denial is running away, fear, a lack of acknowledgement.

However, must we fear it? I don’t always want to have to run away and hide, I want to stand and fight. I suppose wisdom is knowing when each course of action is best.

We need to have enough self-respect to walk away when needed, the challenge is walking away with our heads held high, rather than cowering and running in fear.

Fear is so easy sometimes. But I suppose, even when it comes to abuse, we ought not to be ignorant and fearful, but rather, carefully acknowledge every facet of the situation, then walk away knowing that we are not the ones to blame. Knowing that we are made for more, that we are the survivors, that we can overcome. Because we understand we can walk away with courage and confidence.

We walk away without fear, because we know that the problem is not us. The problem might not even be them, it’s sin in them, a nature that still resides in us. That does not excuse the problem though, it just gives way to understanding. But that’s a different post for a different time.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!


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