The Love Of A Friend

Today has been such a wonderful day. I’ve had so many encouraging and important reminders.

It’s amazing what the love of a friend can do. I’m so thankful for people who truly, genuinely care. People who will tell me the truth, even when I’m afraid to hear it. People who patiently bear with me through this thing we call life. And that is the very definition of what it means to love a brother or sister in Christ.

Loving someone isn’t about supporting every decision, but loving through the mistakes, through the ups and downs. That makes the love so much deeper. We don’t have to be perfect people in order to be loved, but rather, the love runs so deep that it continues to love in spite of flaws and weaknesses.

Anyone could love a perfect person, it takes strength and a true love from above to love a broken and imperfect person. How often do we share and show that love?

There’s such safety knowing that we are never abandoned. Some people shine the love of Christ everywhere they go. I want to be like that. Some relationships are a testament to how much our Father in heaven loves us. I want my relationships to reflect that love.

The sun shines today, and I am eternally grateful. Now I wonder how many times I’ve faltered through the storms.

Just as loving a perfect person is easy, loving the real can be hard, so also trusting in the good times is easy, through the difficult times is, well, difficult.

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I’ve been reminded today to trust. Far too often I put my faith in my own ability to fail rather in God’s ability to forgive. That’s pride in a completely different way.

I’m not saying that life is perfect, there are so many things I’m afraid of, but what I am saying is that there is hope.

It is never too late. God is waiting for us to turn our hearts to Him, and in those moments, He will fill us with His peace and His love. I have faith in that today. I hope and pray that you will know that peace and hope as well. I wish I could share it with everyone, but I am determined to share it with everyone I can.


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