Days Like These

I’m a simple girl. Simple wants and needs. But underneath it all there’s a level of complexity I myself don’t always understand. I’m sure there will be more understanding as I continue to age and mature, but what else is missing?

It is a beautiful, lovely day today. I love those summer (spring) moments when everything in the world seems right. Those moments seem increasingly rare these days, but a part of me wonders if maybe we’re just bored.

DaffodilWe’re so drawn to the catastrophe, but what about the wonder? I look around at my surroundings today, and I want to retreat into my own mind and never have to leave. It’s a peaceful feeling, really, when being with oneself can be such a pleasure.

How many of us just hate ourselves? We always want to be better, do to better. There’s nothing specifically wrong with that, but I think we take it too far. We reach beyond helpful admonition and go into the realm of utter destruction. We tear down far faster than we build up. Aren’t we called to love? To heal, not to destroy.

Why don’t we notice the good things? Sometimes there’s a part of me that thinks God’s standing there with a flashing neon light begging us to acknowledge Him. We get so absorbed in our own lives that we often forget to thank Him for all the blessings He’s bestowed upon us.

We pray when it’s convenient for us. We go to God when we feel that we need something from Him, when destruction strikes. And, in those quiet moments in between, in the good times, we often forget that God even exists.

How long can we continue to be ungrateful? I look around at this beautiful, wonderful world that God has created and I feel a pang inside knowing that I too have so often overlooked the Creator of it all.

As we go through our days, regardless of our circumstance, let’s take a moment to thank the God who gives us life. But He deserves so much more than that. So, so much more. How many of us are truly willing to give?


2 thoughts on “Days Like These

  1. I think that we don’t see because when we grew up, we’ve learned to interpret things instead of just experiencing them. And since there’s so much to interpret, our minds are very busy and very loud. Some tiny, quiet, beautiful things are getting lost in all of that.

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