God In The Rain

God is in the rain. I’ve always thought this, always felt it. This past week I’ve really been struggling with some things. I tried to handle it myself. In my heart I heard God ask me to trust Him with it. My response? You have to do something.

We serve a God who loves us. Sometimes the answers don’t come in our time and we’re asked to patiently wait for Him to fulfill His promises. But sometimes He reaches down and touches us just when we need it most.

He did that for me. It seems that lately, when I’ve called out willing to trust, He answers. The answers may not always be what I want, a couple months ago, it wasn’t, but He will always give us the answers we need.

rainI’m thankful for that now. I’m finally feeling my heart begin to trust again. What a wonderful feeling that is.

I’ve often felt I’m on the outside looking in. That’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes God surrounds us with his protection and we’re kept safe inside. The storms my rage all around me, but I am unharmed.

There are hills and valleys in this life. The past few months I’ve seemed to be on this constant up and down. There comes a pivotal point where everything falls together. I may very well be at that point.

I’ve found with myself that I often say I’m going to trust, I feel it in that moment, then the trust is overtaken with fear. It’s a struggle to keep our wounded hearts open, and yet, that is what we need.

When I’ve finally released control and trust God, then comes the healing rain.

God is not an abuser. He will not force Himself into our lives, but He’s always there. Always waiting. Always willing to welcome us with open arms when we wish to return.


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