Lessons in Mercy


Lessons in Mercy | marissabaker.wordpress.comIt seems fitting to find myself studying Jonah and posting about it on July 4th in the week following the Supreme Court decision regarding homosexual “marriage.” It seems like this court decision was the last piece of evidence many Christians required to convince them that we’re no longer living in a Christian nation (if we ever were). I’ve read several good responses, and I’ve been pleased and relieved to see that most have come from a place of love instead of anger (now if only those who accuse Christians of being intolerant would exercise a little tolerance of their own …).

Christians have always lived in a world that has little respect for God’s laws. In some cultures for certain stretches of time, we’ve had more of God’s laws as part of our country’s laws, but that has changed. It’s been changed here in the U.S. for quite some…

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