Clutter And Cleaning Out

So I just read this article on Apartment Therapy about… clutter, I suppose we’ll say. Surprisingly, I’m doing pretty good on most of the items. But yes, I do need 3 teapots. Don’t tell me I don’t need three of them. Tea is important. And so are the pots we make it in. They’re gorgeous!

I do have some qualms about the towels… Using the same towel for a week? That just doesn’t seem sanitary to me. But I don’t know, maybe I’m a freak. I like clean towels.

And books, there’s just something about the paper… I don’t want to replace my books with a Kindle. Books aren’t just about practicality, it’s about the look, the feel, the paper, the stories that are made real.

I do have a weakness for office supplies… but I’m honestly not doing too bad at the moment, shockingly enough. I suppose it’s because they’re just too expensive and I simply cannot afford them at the moment. Not too many extras, anyway.

I try to keep clutter to a minimum, though I do have a tendency to be a pack rat and there are a few items I love too much to part with for the sake of cleanliness (books, teapots, other vintage things). I can’t say I’ll be doing any overhauling anytime soon. But maybe I don’t have to feel so bad about that.

How are you doing on that list?


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