In The Broken

Sometimes it’s easy to feel rejected, unloved, abandoned. In those moments God reaches down and meets us where we’re at.

The world’s rejection does not imply God’s rejection. The world’s love cannot ever equal God’s love. His love is so vast, so deep, we can’t really understand it.

We don’t always understand Him, or each other, or even ourselves for that matter, but God understands us. God loves us. Are we willing to accept His love and redemption even when we don’t understand it?

Sometimes we need to be broken in order to be made whole. Sometimes there are pieces of the puzzle that just don’t fit in to our limited view, so we need to be changed to make room for all that God has planned for us.

I don’t understand the storms. But I’m learning how to sail. We need to work with the wind that we’ve been given, not the one we wish we had. So often that means relinquishing control. The acceptance of that is well worth it.

The storms are where we learn to trust.



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