Bullet Journal


I found the bullet journal last month. That very night I went out and bought a graph journal, and some lovely pens, and I’ve been using the bullet journal system ever since. It was exactly what I needed!

It is so simple and straightforward, and is an excellent way to keep my life organized.

I need a bit more planning ahead than the original journal gave, but that’s what’s so great about it, we can customize it to be exactly what we need.

In mine I have the calendar just like they do, a monthly to-do, with the following month on the bottom corner, a weekly to-do (each about a page), then the dailies.

This system allows me to keep everything all in one place, even when I have a random thought or inspiration, and it also encourages me to keep track of my days and what I’ve done in each.

I used to have papers scattered everywhere with different tasks and things I needed to remember, now they’ve all been condensed into a single journal. It is so much more efficient; now I’m not constantly losing things and having to rewrite them. My other solution was to keep everything on One Note or something of the sort, which meant I had to turn the computer on to find my lists… And usually get distracted. Talk about inefficiency!

If you’re struggling with keeping things organized, I’d definitely suggest trying a bullet journal. It’s perfect!


6 thoughts on “Bullet Journal

  1. I started something similar myself in Spring (I called it a “To do list Journal” and then this week set up a proper bullet journal. As you say, it is customisable so completely unique to each user. Check out my blog for my post on setting mine up #shamelessplug 🙂 Roz

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