How We Handle Stress

During stressful times in life you’ve probably noticed that you revert back to a few specific patterns. Each type has a unique stress response related to the inferior function. For me, that inferior just happens to be Se.

shopping-669354_1920My Se comes out at the strangest of times. I often can’t focus on any one task for more than a few minutes, I jump around from project to project, become a total penny-pincher budgeting and worrying about going broke, spending far more than I ought to. Cleaning frantically, or being messy and overwhelmed by the chaos of a messy environment.

I also start to feel really sad that I don’t do more crazy things in life, have interesting stories of adventure, travel more, do spontaneous things. I become bitter and resentful and saddened at the apparent lack of sparkle in my life.

I also strive really hard to be perfect, beat myself up for my appearance, fixate on food (one extreme or the other, overindulgence or starving myself). It’s not healthy. And I know that. Knowing the why behind what I do helps in overcoming it. Though it also removes the outlet with which I need to escape the stress.

wood-nature-sun-forestIt isn’t all bad though. Sometimes I can use my Se in a healthy way. For me it manifests itself in photography, enjoying nature, and cooking or baking.

The important thing is that we recognize any dysfunctional behavior and where it comes from, then we can alter the way it comes out in our lives and personalities.


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