The Switch

I have something coming up that I’m really nervous about. When I’m under a lot of stress I do one of two things: withdraw and turn in to myself, or become really needy, clingy, and Se driven in attempt to avoid it. So, tertiary loops or in the grip of my inferior.

SwitchI wish I could guide the switch and choose which one I revert to. It would be so helpful when under a stressful situation to choose the dysfunctional mode which would be the most beneficial and fitting for the situation.

I believe I’ve shadowed once. It was the most liberating experience. Granted, it was in response to extreme, long-lasting stress, and my brain just decided it had had enough.

If I could control which switch was flipped, I would. I haven’t learned that much about myself yet, and maybe I’m just immature. But again, it comes down to wanting control rather than taking things as they come. Sometimes, the best thing to do is sit back and trust that everything will be okay. It’s not always about what happens to us, but rather about how we respond to those things.

We can respond or react. Responding is well thought out, reacting is based on an impulse which usually doesn’t line up with what we would normally do or want.

Different personality functions can contribute to each response or reaction, it would just be nice to have some say in which one comes out at a given time.


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