I keep going in circles. It seems like no matter how much I think I’ve changed, I always end up back in the same place. Then I start over and draw over the circle again, rehashing the problem in my own mind. Round and round it goes.

“I keep on chasing the wrong things, and coming up empty.”

It’s not that I’m exactly doing the same thing and expecting a different result. It’s more often that I do something different and still end up in the same place. Maybe there’s something important I need to learn from it first. I kind of wish those lessons were easier to learn and that they’d be revealed sooner.

I’m quite impatient at times.

Sometimes I wonder if there’s a way out of this mess. Then something else happens and everything becomes even more complicated. Or am I just complicating it in my own mind?

These are the moments we need to trust God and allow ourselves to be renewed. I don’t know where the light is at the end of this tunnel, I don’t know how long it will take, or if we’ll ever get there. All I know is that I need to find a way to trust.

The pain becomes too great and I can’t contain it on my own. I still have a spark of hope, and that’s what I hold on to.

Holiday Season Begins


Now that I’ve wrapped up NaNoWriMo, I’m excited to start off the holiday season. This truly is one of my favorite times of year (then again, I say that about every time/season as it comes).

I love everything about Autumn, the colors, the smell in the air, the drinks/foods, and so many more. Winter is also beautiful in its own way. There’s nothing like a moonlit forest in winter, the shadows of the trees cast against the glistening snow. What I love about the holiday season is how it ties those two together in such a beautiful way.

We celebrate all the blessings we have with Thanksgiving, celebrate the birth of our Savior with Christmas, then we celebrate the arrival of a new year with all the new beginnings that entails. It’s a time of warmth, of comfort, of family and friends. A time where people join together in a way that they don’t during the rest of the year.

A stranger’s smile, a warm and friendly happy greeting to those we meet, or those we already know, these are things that are so often skipped in our everyday lives.

So as we enter the holiday season, let us be thankful and joyful for the good things. Let us pay extra close attention to the positives in our lives, rather than allowing ourselves to be caught up in the stress and chaos of “busy.” Let’s enjoy the special quiet and cozy moments with those we love, or even when we get to sneak a way and surround ourselves with the comforting peace that only comes in solitude.

Day Twenty-One

21 winIt is day twenty-one and I’ve officially won NaNoWriMo! There are a few sections in the middle I might add to and play around with, but I’ve finished my novel! 🙂

This has been such an incredibly different experience than last year where I gave up about halfway through. The message through this is don’t give up on the concept even if you give up on one particular idea. Be encouraged, be willing to try again.

To everyone still writing for NaNoWriMo, keep going, you can do it! 🙂

Have a lovely evening. 🙂

Day Twenty

20I have a little over 3,000 words left to finish my novel, I’m so excited about this! I’m not sure if it’ll actually end there, I might need to go a bit over 50,000 but either way, I’m getting close.

I also have an extremely bad headache this evening and need to just chill out on the couch with some junk food and a movie. Gah, I’m exhausted!

How are all of you NaNoWriMo participants feeling about your novels so far? Are you losing steam, or maybe just getting excited about your story again? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

Have a lovely evening! 🙂

Day Nineteen

19I’m so close to finishing NaNoWriMo! Under 6,000 words left before I hit 50,000! I’m really excited about it now and all I want to do is sit at my computer and write. It has been a very interesting learning experience and it’s been a lot of fun watching this story develop and come together.

I’m hoping that I actually will follow through on it and edit it once I’m done, though I may take a break for Christmas and the general holiday season. Can you believe Thanksgiving is already so close? This month has flown by. I guess that’s what happens when there’s a project to keep me busy. 🙂

I hope you’re all having a wonderful night. Happy writing, friends! 🙂

Day Eighteen

18My NaNoWriMo book is winding down. It’s an interesting place to be. I’m impatient with it at this point, wishing I could just finish it, and also really excited about where I am.

Where is everyone else at?


Winter Thoughts

It’s a cold, cloudy day. So here I sit with a cup of tea, far too many tabs open in my browser, soft music playing, and several word documents up as I switch back and forth between projects.

My mind wanders to thoughts of Christmas, snow, hot chocolate, and those special wintery moments both inside and out. I know it’s still autumn, but it feels like the perfect winter’s evening.

Have a safe and warm one, wherever you are.

Day Seventeen

17Is it really only day 17? It feels so much further into the month than that! But alas, this is where we are.

Twists and turns and all other things writing related. I’m at the point now where I feel like it’s really coming together and I’m on the downward swing (in a good way). Things are escalating and winding down all at the same time. It’s really an exciting place to be.

I will be sure to respond to all of your comments soon. I haven’t forgotten you. Have a lovely evening! 🙂

Day Sixteen

16Oh what a day! I’ve almost caught up to my previous goal with my NaNoWriMo word count. By tomorrow I should be able to reach it once again.

I’m consistently and pleasantly amazed at how much subconscious foreshadowing we can do. Everything feels like it’s falling in place and lining up surprisingly well. It is a rough draft (a very rough one, I might add) but I’m loving the framework I have to work in.

Characters are really speaking their voice and acting on their own. I love when that happens. I sit back and watch as all the pieces fit together. It’s quite an extraordinary experience. 🙂

I hope you all have a lovely evening!