Break Every Chain

I’m absolutely loving this song. It speaks to a part of me that has long since been forgotten. We are the army that is rising up. How can we win if we’re not willing to get down on our knees and fight?

Only through the power of Jesus can the chains be broken. We’re slaves to the world long after we’ve been set free. I’ve held on forgetting that I have a part in all of this.

Chains have been consistently coming up for me. In therapy. In songs. In things that I hear and things that people say. I have so many chains tying me down. They can’t be broken in my own power, but they can be through His.

Sometimes our chains bring us comfort. We hold on to them so tightly because we don’t know who we’d be without them. That fear is what gives them power. We’re afraid to let go because we’re afraid we’ll float away if we learn to fly.

The chains have already been broken, but are we willing to believe it? Will we accept the gift that is freely given? Either way, the choice is ours. We have to choose which side we want to be on. This is my strength when I am weak.


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