Day Two

2So here I sit with a bag of cheap candy, a cup of quickly cooling tea, music playing, and a blank page staring at me.

What happens when you have a very clear and vivid idea of who a character is and who they’re supposed to be, and the two are not the same thing? Do we change the story to fit the image, or the image to fit the story? Or maybe even change the name and image to fit what the story needs and use the character elsewhere? I’m leaning towards the latter.

One of the things I love most about writing is that there are no absolutes. We’re free to grow and explore to see where the story takes us. We get to sit back and watch a whole world unfold before us. It’s such a pure and almost magical experience.

As a side note, one thing I’ve discovered through this writing process, Reese’s and cherry flavor do not mix.

Happy writing, friends! 🙂


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