Day Seven

7Happy day seven of NaNoWriMo! We’ve officially finished one week and our novels are well on their way. Now I sound like an infomercial…

I was running a bit behind in my idea generation. Then earlier I talked about it with my husband and a whole new world opened up. I talked on day five about how we need to let our characters have a voice, but what about the times when even that isn’t working? That’s where I found myself today. I felt stuck and unsure how to get myself out of the corner I had written myself into.

Well, it turns out that sometimes I’m staring down at my feet thinking that the ground is a wall that I’m coming up against, when really, it’s simply the foundation on which I stand.

I’m amazed by the worlds that open up if only we’re willing to look up and explore. Try looking at it from a different angle. Try finding something that you hadn’t thought of before. Chances are, you’ve already written something that hinted at something bigger beneath the surface.

Happy writing! 🙂


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