Day Eight

8It’s time to let the characters explore. I love what happens when we allow characters to write themselves. Things happen unexpectedly. I’ve realized though that characters don’t always have enough steam to drive the story forward, that’s why asking questions is so important.

Questions like…

  • What would this character do in this situation?/How would they respond?
  • What could go wrong?/What would get in their way?
  • What is their biggest fear? And how can I make them face it in a subtle way?
  • What is their weakness? Insecurity? How would that change their perspective or distort their reality?
  • What strengths are lurking just beneath the surface? How are these strengths discovered?

Some of our greatest strengths are often forged in battle. The key is to set the characters in the proper battles to reveal those strengths and urge along new discoveries.

It doesn’t matter whether the issues the character is facing are internal, external, physical or mental. We just have to push them to reveal their true and individual identities and powers. To do that we have to ask the right questions.

“The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions.”
– Claude Levi-Strauss


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